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Yes, we do! Entrepreneurship solutions for a new Europe [1.1 Youth exchange]

30 younsters from Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Italy and Romania debates for 10 days on topics like entrepreneurship for young people, employability and creativity as mechanisms to fight against unemployment and social exclusion.
The Youth Exchange included debates, simulations, presentations, analisys, visits to Lisbon on business incubators, centers and organizations that support local initiatives, increase employability among youth and promote entrepreneurship among the younger generation, also other activities with an important role in the development of initiative, networking, increase business plan competences, plus dissemination in the local community about the exchange results. Contact with organizations from other countries, people with a different culture increased involvement, socialization and ability to speak in a foreign language (English as a working language, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Lithuanian).
The last day was dedicated to dissemination activities into community: flashmob and promotion workshops (pictures with people on the street, presentations about the Youth in Action program and activities of the youth exchange Yes, we do! ).
The project was funded by the National Agency of Portugal, the Youth in Action Programme, sub-Action 1.1. – Youth Exchanges.

Project implementation: 15.05- 25.08. 2013, youth exchange: 10 days- 18-27 July 2013
• Applicant : Associação PAR – Respostas Sociais [Portugalia] • Promotors :
Asociatia Training Store/3ning Store [Romania] XENA Centro Scambi e Dinamiche Interculturali [Italia] ASOCIACIÓN SOCIOCULTURAL ALJARAQUE EN ACCIÓN [Spania] Kauno jaunimo organizacijų sąjunga „Apskritasis stalas“ [Lituania]

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