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School in a different way 2012

Extracurricular educational activity: Personal Development Workshops for young people.

General Description [6 workshops]:
– Introduction: workshop description, describtion of the non-formal learning in this project, getting to know each other
– Elements of exploration perspectives and development of lateral thinking
– Identify personal mission
– Energizing exercises (icebreakers): creativity, attention, teambuilding, groups trust
– Elements of communication: interpersonal and assertive, managing relationships with others
– teambuilding exercise “minefield” and working in small groups: stimulating creativity – story + sketch
– Exercise identify and manage the conflict of values
– Formulating constructive message: behavioral feedback
– Exercises for building trust in a group
– Facilitated discussions about how they work in classroom, types of conflicts that occur and as participants in classroom how do they solve them
– Exercises to stimulate creativity “storytelling” and “road story” exercise

Beneficiaries: Approx. 75 school – students from classes VI, IX, X, XI. [Total: 6 workshops] Period: 2 to 5 April 2012
Partner: Liceul Teoretic Serban Voda, localitatea Slanic, Prahova


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