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Get involved in a NGO!

How can you be part of Training Store/3ning Store development?
– Promoting 3ning Store projects, volunteering and non-formal learning in the community
– Supporting financially the organizations activities through donations / sponsorships
– Redirecting 2% of your income tax to Training Store/3ning Store Association – in order for our organization to develop more independent life skills workshops for young people
– Directing 20% of the profit tax to Training Store/3ning Store Association -stand for activities promoting volunteering and non-formal learning for all ages
– Get involved as volunteer in projects implemented by 3ning Store in Varbilau or in nearby communities.

To support 3ning Store through donations use the following bank accounts:

Cont RON:
Cont Euro:
Titular: Training Store/ 3ning Store Association , CUI: 30791160
For details on how you can become a Training Store volunteer, write us at voluntariat@3ningstore.ro
For further details on participation or collaboration, contact us at : contact@3ningstore.ro



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